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BookmarkApp是一款专为Safari浏览器而设计的独特、实用的书签管理工具。 将Safari作为主浏览器的用户常常为大量重复书签所困扰。 即使经过清理,在导入或添加新书签时仍会产生许多重复书签。BDC的目标就是实现干净整洁的Safari,为您节省宝贵时间。 快速、便捷的Safari书签管理工具:让重复书签无所遁形! 功能 删除重复书签 - 快速查找重复书签 - 一键删除所有重复书签 - 从列表中选择删除 排序 - 一键排序所有书签 - 前置文件夹 组织 - 删除无用的空文件夹 - 合并同名文件夹 - 根据文件夹中搜索标准移动书签 用户界面 - 专业翻译和母语 macOS High Sierra ready! Reviews: "Finally!... In five minutes I got rid of over 2000 duplicates that accumulated over years... Thank you to the developer." - The_Mama_Bear "Does exactly what it says it will do. I used this application and deleted almost 500 duplicate bookmarks. Easy, clean and efficient. A fantastic app!" - p_cruicks "Long time i was looking to cleaning my safari tab,more than 1000 doubles,work very well." - mokori06 "Excellent! Years of bookmarks collected, now cleaned out and organized! Exactly what Safari needs. The GUI can use some work, but works excellent!" - ikingapple "Thanks for truly great app. I was looking for bookmarks manager for so long and failed to find one. Bought URL manager which simply did not work. Finally found this app and thought I do not write reviews very often I did this time because I am very very thankfull for designing something sensible and working. Thanks a lot. Would recommend." - MJ73333 "Efficient solution for keeping your Safari bookmarks collection clean" - "Safariのブックマーク整理に - 非常にシンプルで、困った人には非常に助かるアプリケーションです。 文字通りSafariのブックマークでダブっているURLを削除してくれます。 複数のWebブラウザを使いいろんなブックマーク共有アプリでぐじゃぐじゃになっていたブックマークをあっという間に綺麗にしてくれました。 ブックマークの大掃除に大助かりです。重服が消えればあとは地道に整理するだけ・・・" - Yoshiaki Amano "깔끔하네요. 어디서 통합 됐는지도 모를 즐겨찾기가 수백개 달려있어서 갑갑했는데, 한방에 해결 됐습니다..ㅋㅋ 정신건강에도 좋네요..ㅎㅎ" - 니콘메냐 "No doubt is useful app" - "было 9 тыс закладок. после работы приложения осталось 600" - @murmurya other reviews on my website. SUPPORT: If you have any feedback, questions or suggestions regarding to software, I would love to hear from you! You can contact me via email: ---------------------------------------- Take a look also at another my apps: Aktuell - RSS news reader. Aktuell for iOS - RSS news reader for iOS. Duplikate - modern duplicate files finder. Bookmarks Duplicates Cleaner - bookmarks duplicate cleaner for Safari. Archiv - archiver and unzipper for 7z, RAR, zip, tar, bz2, gz files and dmg, iso, udf images. Tresor / Tresor iOS - password manager with high level of security. -> You can find it on my website: