Bookmarx - Shuffle your Bookmarks

OS X 10.12
I can never decide which item of my Reading List I should read first. So I made an app for that. With Bookmarx you can select your Reading-List or any folder inside your Safari-Bookmarks and it will magically (o.k. actually it's not that magic) open a random item in a new tab. ► Features ‣ Select your Reading List or any folder inside your bookmarks for randomization ‣ Safari-Extension with button in your toolbar ► Setup After the first start of the app you have to grant it read-only access to your bookmark-data. A file-dialog opens in which you select the following file: '~/Library/Safari/Bookmarks.plist'. ► Disclaimer For now, if you select a list in the app, the containing URLs will be cached and not updated when you add a new website to it in Safari. You have to open Bookmarx and re-select the list to let the changes take effect. I'm sorry for the inconvenience - I'm on it. ► Made by @wottpal from Germany.