Bootup Time™

OS X 10.10
1.You can use Bootup Time™ to check how fast your computer boots? 2.Bootup Time™ can show login items.(These items will open automatically when you log in) 3.Bootup Time™ can lead you how speed up your startup. Bootup duration: the time it takes to boot the computer. Running time: computer run time Bootup time:the time the computer booted Bootup duration: le temps qu'il faut pour démarrer l'ordinateur. Running time: ordinateur de temps. Bootup Time:le temps de l'ordinateur sur. Bootup duration: die zeit zum booten des computers. Running time: computer - run - time Bootup Time:wenn der computer gestartet Bootup duration: 時間は、それがコンピュータを起動するのにかかります. Running time:コンピュータの実行時間 Bootup Time:起動時間 Bootup duration: 电脑启动的时间. Running time: 电脑运行时间. Bootup Time:电脑开机的时间点.