Brain Section 3D

OS X 10.6.6
Brain Section 3D: In this study: Anatomy of Brain Section, are being shown, each and every one of its parts, functions, activities, types, textures, 3D views and special information about Brain Section. In 3D, you can see the Brain Section from all angles, digitized, with each of its parts. Touching the pins, to obtain specific information, and focused on that part of the Brain Section. By Click these pins, you can focus specifically on the part you want to study and this information is accompanied with illustrations, graphics, photos and detailed information about this area to be studied. You can rotate each part of the Brain Section in all directions, may also be able to zoom in or zoom out to see specific parts, textures, colors, dimensions, and its the structure formed. This medical application, focus on fields of study, education and medicine in general; students too, and doctors. Made for all levels of study on schools or universities in general. And, in an interactive way, you will study and learn the parts of the body and the human anatomy. With great information, graphics, and definitely, support with objects with 3D views. Of course, you can study within the family, children or friends to interact, and learn. We have a wide repertoire and many other 3D great applications, which can be accessed through a search on this store, placing the word: pin88 Or visit our web sites.