TaskCracker Task Manager

OS X 10.9
TaskCracker provides an intuitive visual matrix for your Emails and Tasks (including Google Tasks) instead of a plain list. It is extremely helpful when you have a couple dozen Emails to follow-up on. TaskCracker follows Eisenhower Matrix (Stephen Covey "First Things First") principle by distributing tasks in Urgency / Priority dimensions. How it works: * Mark Emails with a Star / Follow-up in your email app (say Gmail or Microsoft Outlook) * Go to TaskCracker * Move Emails to proper quadrants to plan your time * Optionally create Tasks not related to Emails Email and task services supported: * Gmail (Google Tasks) * Google for Work (Google Tasks) * Microsoft Office 365 * Microsoft Exchange Key features: * Connect to your email account to work with existing Emails and Tasks * Powerful visual Urgency / Priority matrix * Multiple accounts supported * Use colored categories * Bulk move Tasks and Emails