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Bullet Chess is designed with 1 min lightning games in mind. Although you can select any clock, the features of this app are specifically designed for fighting network latency, frequent disconnecting and slow/unstable connections in remote or busy locations. REDUCE LAGS CAUSED BY YOUR SYSTEM PERFORMANCE Bullet Chess app is significantly faster than any solution based on a web browser, so you won't experience lags caused by your browser performance. REDUCE LAGS CAUSE BY YOUR LOCATION InstantChess servers are strategically located and connected almost directly to the FLAG cable system (Fiber-Optic Link Around the Globe). This ensures minimal lag for lightning games between players in the USA and Europe. REDUCE LAGS CAUSE BY INTERNET TRAFFIC JAMS Lag compensation system ensures that only the real time of thinking/moving is counted against the player's clock PREVENT MISTAKES Intelligent premove features protect from accidental loss of highly-valuable pieces like Queen and Rooks while fast premoving (you can opt out of this feature in Program Settings if you don't like it) INCREASE YOUR TIME PERCEPTION Effective, but not annoying signalling system ensures you keep the sense of running time even without watching the timer PLAY WITH NO DISTRACTION After nearly two decades, time has proved that our thoughtfully designed boards and pieces provide a distraction-free experience for lightning chess players SUBSCRIPTION OPTIONS Unlimited Play – unlimited number of games to play with no ads, any prefered game clock and opponent level for the following 7 or 30 days. Payment will be taken from your iTunes account as soon as the purchase is validated. Your subscription renews itself automatically provided you do not disable auto-review during the 24-hour period before the current period expires. The renewal charge will be applied to your account within the 24-hour period before the current subscription expires. You remain in control of your subscription and you can disable the auto-renewal feature at any time through your account settings. Terms and Conditions: https://www.InstantChess.com/useragreement Privacy Policy: https://www.InstantChess.com/privacypolicy For any questions please contact our support team at www.InstantChess.com/support