BusiBI Production Manager 2017

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An intuitive, visual app for Film and Television Production Managers. As featured in Girl's Guide to Project Management, The Sweet Setup, WINK and Lawyers Weekly. Plan and track of multiple Film, Television and Theatre projects, shoots or series in the pipeline. Keep your script revisions, production budgets, casting notes, inventory, costumes, storyboards, call sheets, shot lists, contacts and other important information at your fingertips on a shoot. Manage multiple teams and projects simultaneously with a beautiful, intuitive visual iPad app. No matter what your role, above the line or supporting a production, our app helps you to keep track of: who, what, where and when across multiple projects. Easy to use budgeting tools with configurable, reusable templates - ditch the spreadsheets and use a tool built for the iPad. PRODUCERS AND INVESTORS Keep track of multiple projects and directors in progress and in the pipeline. DIRECTORS, WRITERS, ACTORS Keep the brains trust in synch and up to date on your project and plan and coordinate multiple units. AGENCIES, CREW, UNIONS, EQUIPMENT SUPPLIERS If you are supplying multiple projects simultaneously, this is a terrific way to keep track of your people, inventory, equipment, locations and schedules. FILM STUDENTS AND TEACHERS Track multiple projects and assignments. BusiBI goes where you go and doesn't need internet access. Just synch when you have a connection. SECURITY Additional PIN Protection option allows you to secure confidential projects in case you lose your iPad to prevent unauthorized access. Studios/companies can synch to your own data centre or to the cloud.