Cabin Escape: Alice’s Story

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From the creators of Forever Lost which has had over 3 million downloads worldwide! Help Alice escape the isolated log cabin by discovering clues and solving puzzles. Cabin Escape is a short and sweet game designed for our fans while they waited for Episode 3, if you enjoy it and would like to help support us please consider purchasing the the full series or simply tell your friends about the game. The game is a prologue to the Forever Lost series but don’t worry, you don’t need to play either game to appreciate the other. They will both compliment each other nicely though so it is encouraged. Features: • Set in the world of Forever Lost, learn more about Alice and Jason! • Beautifully rendered backgrounds that will pull you in and never let you go! • In game camera so you can take photos of all the clues and rooms you find. • Beautiful soundtrack perfectly suited to this eerie and haunting world. • Auto-save feature with 8 separate save slots, never lose your progress again. Facebook & Twitter: Newsletter & Future Game Releases: