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Discover what it takes to be an electrician with this highly informative set of Over 500 tuitional videos. From basic electronics to house wiring and much much more. App features: ** Edit the video title, subtitle and keep your own set of user notes. ** Move the video around it's group and even change it's group. ** Make videos your favourites and give them your own rating ** Search by title or notes ** View by favourites or rating ** View by history the last ten played or visited videos Tutorials include: Electrical Transformer Tutorial DIY Spot Welding Machine Bicycle Generator Marx Generator How to Make High Voltage Capacitors - HomemadeDIY Capacitors How to Make Capacitors - Low Voltage HomemadeDIY Capacitors How to MakeBuild a Van de Graaff Generator Part 1 HomemadeDIY High Voltage Without DC Power Supply II 1 Coil Brushless Motor Driver Multi Phase Window Motor On Water Battery Solar Notch Rotor How to get 120v AC out of a car alternator Q2 SELF CHARGING GENERATOR - CHARGE ACCELERATOR Make a Spot Welder for Cheap Make an Emergency Phone Charger - MacGyver Style Diode Tutorial How to build an AC to DC power supply All about capacitors Fun with a Transformer Teslas Little Secret How to make an aluminium air battery selfmade homemade DIY batteries Brushless DC Motors Control - How it Works Part 1 of 2 Discovery Channel - Free Energy MIT Cold Fusion IAP 2014 Tuesday January 28 2014 Full Lecture AC Power - Alternating Current Generation - Explained Converting Linear to Rotary motion HIGH POWER WIFI ANTENNA Free Internet Highly Portable 16dB Gain Almost a Dish WD4AM Homebrew Wifi Dish Free Internet How to build a DIY long range wireless usb free wifi antenna satellite dish booster tutorial 2015 Introduction to Hacking How to get INTERNET WiFi ANYWHERE even in a MOVING VEHICLE Amazing Bluetooth Hack wood stove runs a generator produces gasoline runs a fridge and heats hot water at the same time Evolution of Perpetual Motion WORKING Free Energy Generator How to build the Joule Ringer transformer Chamillionaire ft Lil Flip- Iced Out Lec 1 MIT 6002 Circuits and Electronics Spring 2007 Lec 1 MIT 601SC Introduction to Electrical Engineering and Computer Science I Spring 2011 Lec 1 MIT 600 Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Fall 2008 Build a Coffee-Can Radar DEFCON 19 Build your own Synthetic Aperture Radar Video 8 Tool Patterns DIY Blu-ray Laser CNC Machine The BEST Xbox 360 Laptop Ever The Ben Heck Show - Creating a 3D Printer for Maker Faire How To Use Multiple Computers on 1 Monitor How to set up Eyefinity 3 monitor setup Larry Wall 5 Programming Languages Everyone Should Know homemade turbine Adam Savages One Day Builds Han Solos DL-44 Blaster Wireless HDMI - Does it really work How to Get Free Premium Cable World-Wide Harbor Freight Mini Mill CNC Conversion - Video and Pictures Easy CNC Stepper Motor Driver CNC Controller Home made How to make PCB using Photoresist Dry Film PCB MAKING MADE EASY FPV Backpack PCB build part 1 How to Make Circuit Board at Home CNC USB Controller - connecting controller to drivers redFrog Stepping Motor Driver redFrog Computer And CNC Electronics Part 2 redFrog Wiring and Connections Mastercam Mill 2D Introduction popularDIYcom CNC Breakout boardInterfaceStep motor driver CNC controller Revit for MEP - Electrical Lighting Systems - Circuits Switches and Annotation CADclip - REVIT 2014 Electrical Power Lighting Wiring and Circuits What is Revit MEP Circuitingmp4 Revit 2013 MEP Electrical Settings - Voltage Definitions and Distribution Systems Create Power Circuits Revit for MEP - Electrical Power Systems - Panels and Circuits Autodesk Revit MEP Electrical Tutorial Modeling Electrical Panels Circuits and Switches Autodesk Revit MEP Electrical Tutorial AutoCAD MEP 2012 Tutorial - Adding Electrical Equipment and Panels Revit for MEP - Electrical Lighting Systems - Copy Monitor Revit 2013 MEP Electrical Settings - Wiring General and more.