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**50% off for a limited time. Seize the chance** CADGea2016 is a powerful 2D CAD application, which is easy and convenient to use. You can produce a lot of architectural drawings and beautiful pictures with this application. CADGear2016 is very useful in many areas. Come to use our application now, it can make your imagination into pictures. Architects can use it to draw project drawings. Mechanical engineers can use it to draw mechanical drawings. Office workers can use it to do brain storm drawing and flow charts. For advertisement, it can be used to make brochures, flyers newsletters. Also, you can use it to produce forms, signs, labels and any other useful drawings. Main Features of the application: - Support to read, edit and save .DXF files, which is compatible to other CAD applications. - Supports English, German, French, Chinese and other 20 more languages. You can set your preferred language in the application’s options dialog. - Basic draw items: Points, Line (vertical, horizontal, rectangle, etc.), Arc, Circle, Ellipse, and Polyline. Text box, Insert Image (many file formats supported), measure items, etc. - Accurate measurement items: Length, Diameter. - Support many template patters. - Modify functions: move, copy and paste, rotate, scale, mirror, delete and other entity operations. - Support multi layers and blocks: Layer adding and deleting, Block adding and deleting. - Support to export to PDF files and image files (png, jpg , bmp, svg, icns ,ico, etc.). - Support different viewing styles: Grid, Zoom in, Zoom out, Auto zoom.