CakeHeap Budget Professional

OS X 10.6.6
Professional Personal Finance Software for the Mac. CakeHeap Budget Professional is empowering, easy-to-use, fast and very practical budgeting and financial recording software that can be used to plan your budget and record all your financial activity. You do not need to have a finance or accounting background to use CakeHeap. CakeHeap can easily be used to create charts that visually represent your financial activity, show income statements and balances sheets (through which your net worth can be found out). CakeHeap was created to solve four major problems: EASY-OF-USE. Financial software can be incredibly hard to use, especially for young people. CakeHeap is designed to be remarkably easy to use; the whole idea was to make financial planning as easy as possible. Different types of data is categorised in a way that is very easy to understand. As a user, all you do is enter the required information and CakeHeap will produce the charts and statements for you. THE NEED TO PLAN AHEAD. Study after study has concluded that people who eventually attain some level of financial freedom plan ahead and at some point figure out that they have to set up a system that makes their money work for them. CakeHeap helps with financial planning/budgeting so that every user learns to save enough money to grow their assets. RECORDS. Nothing is more important than keeping a record of your finances. Through meticulous recording, you not only keep your information safe (for family and tax purpose), you will also be able to produce statements like balance sheets and income statements with CakeHeap. Through these statements, you can figure out your financial health. VISUAL REPRESENTATION OF DATA. A lot of the time, raw numbers can be difficult to figure out. CakeHeap has a monthly chart that displays income and expenses in a very friendly way so that you can figure out which activities are empowering you and which are hurting you financially. Features - Budgeting and financial recording: CakeHeap’s main function is budget planning and recording financial activity. These roles are of course interchangeable depending on the route a user wants to take. - Charts: A very clear and insightful monthly chart is provided – a chart through which users can monitor their activity in a visual way. Through this chart, they can see which activities bring about windfalls and which are essentially, money pits. - Financial statements: The app can also produce balance sheets and income statement to show users their financial position and NET WORTH in particular. - Reminders and inventory: this app also has productivity features. These are reminders and the inventory. The reminders are linked to a calendar with boxes that highlight the date of a reminder to always keep users informed.