Calc VAT – UK VAT Calculator

OS X 10.6.6
Calc VAT is an easy to use VAT Calculator, designed to make your VAT calculations much faster than using a traditional calculator. Simply enter the amount you wish to calculate and select f you want to find out the inclusive VAT or add VAT to the original amount. Calc VAT will show you the breakdown of the amount and at any time you can change the rates or inclusive VAT settings, and the breakdown will automatically update for you. * Europe VAT Validation * Simply enter the VAT Number you would like to check with the country code i.e. GB and Calc VAT will quickly validate the VAT Number for you and provide a registered company address if one exists. Please Note: Sometimes the validation service is offline, if you receive an offline message simply try again later. * Copy and paste results * You can now copy and paste results from Calc VAT into any other application. *Future Versions* ------------------------ We are very keen to make Calc VAT just right for you, please let us know in your reviews what new features you would like us to add to this application.