Image Resizer

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Image Resizer is an application that allows you to resize any image you throw at in in three easy steps! For more advanced users, you can also resize lots of images at once, effortlessly! Features: - No limit in image size; - Accepts any image format OSX recognizes; - Allows you to keep aspect ratio; - Bulk resizer; - Blazing fast; - Lightweight. Supported Formats (Input/Output): - BMP – Windows Bitmap files - GIF – Graphics Interchange Format file - JPEG 2000 – JPEG 2000 files - JPEG – Joint Photographic Experts Group files - PNG – Portable Network Graphics files - TIF, TIFF – Tagged Image File Format files Supported Formats (Input Only, Output as PNG): - Non-Exhaustive List (depending on the installed software, these formats may vary): PICT, PIC, PCT, EPSF, PS, EPSI, EPSF, EPI, EPS, SGI, TPIC, ICNS, FPIX, FPX, QTI, QTIF, MPO, HDR, EXR, MAC, PNT, PNTG, RGB, TARGA, TGA, CUR, XBM, PSD, ORF, MRW, RWL, RW2, RAW, CRW, ICNS, EFX, JFAX, JFX, G3, FAX, DCR, ERF, ARW, SR2, SRF, SRW, PEF, NRW, NEF, 3FR, FFF, MOS, CR2, DNG