Calculator with History

OS X 10.11
If you have ever wished that your calculator could save all of the calculation history with proper description, the application will help to get the job done. The application saves the calculation history & description of every calculation that you do in the application.It has its own integrated search functionality to find the data easily. The data could also be sorted based on date& time.The data could also be copied easily and used into other applications. It comes with its own integrated calculator.The application could store even thousands of calculations made.It has its own storage memory.If you wish, you could add a description for the calculation as well.If a description is provided, the calculations will be saved with their respective descriptions as well. When a calculation is saved, it is saved with the calculation result, the date & time of the calculation and the day of the calculation.The calculations could be sorted on date & time as well.In order to sort the calculations, please click on the respective column headers. By using the edit functionality you could change the Description of the calculation. You could also add notes about the calculation in the calculation section of the application.To edit or view an entry, please double click on it. The application also has inbuilt search functionality. You could search the calculations using the description or the notes in the calculation. In the application, the calculator and the stored results are shown side by side.This helps to go through the calculation steps.It increases the productivity as well. The application also has inbuilt "Copy" functionality.using this feature , you could copy the calculations and use them in other applications as well. The calculator comes with bigger digits which provide more clear visibility.It is simple and easy to use.