Kids Puzzles

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70% Off For Limited Time A unique and easy to use puzzle game for kids , High quality puzzles with audio , picture sound and text , easy to read and learn , with hints on how to solve the puzzles , where the pieces should be , varies categories with many puzzles , different difficulties , the game is especially designed to be easy to use , no sudden reset button or adds or in app purchase or extra buttons , big area to move the pictures around and solve the puzzles and when you finish the puzzles and go back to any menu the puzzles automatically go back to their places so they are always ready . Different Categories Include : . Animals . Clothing . Food . Drinks . Fruits . Sports . And Other Pictures that they are all in one category called Others Puzzles are not random , kids can choose which puzzle to play FOR FULL SCREEN MODE CLICK ON THE NAME OF THE APP IN MENU BAR ON YOUR DESKTOP , TO COME OUT OF FULL SCREEN MODE PRESS ( ESCAPE ) Have Fun