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CalcVerter is an all in one Unit Converter and Calculator app that includes 20 Unit Conversion Categories, Scientific Calculator with optional RPN mode, and many more Calculators Here is what’s included in CalcVerter • 20 Unit Conversion Categories including: Acceleration, Angle, Area, Astronomical, Currency, Density, Digital Storage, Energy, Force, Illumination, Inductance, Length, Magnitude, Mass, Power, Pressure, Speed, Temperature, Time and Volume. • Calculator with optional RPN Mode, Integrated with the Unit Converter, Constants, and all the other tools that are included in CalcVerter • 27 Geometry Calculators split into 4 categories: Area, Surface Area, Volume and Perimeter, including formulas and descriptions • 97 Financial Calculators split into 5 Categories: General, Banking, Stocks/Bonds, Corporate and Financial Markets, including formulas and descriptions • 80 Physics Calculators including formulas and descriptions • 59 Engineering Calculators split into 3 categories: Civil, Electrical and Mechanical including formulas and descriptions • 34 Health Calculators including formulas and descriptions • 78 Dynamics Calculators split into 3 categories: Basic Dynamics, Astrodynamics and Thermodynamics including formulas and descriptions • 35 Chemistry Calculators including formulas and descriptions • Convert Between bases 2-36 • Over 50 Constants • Find weight on other Planets and celestial objects • Addition and Multiplication Tables • Table of Elements • Logs to show Previous Conversions and Calculations Please feel free to send any suggestions, report errors or bugs to the support email below to make CalcVerter even better and more useful.