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Videux Pro AS is a video organizer, player and workflow assistant for the Mac. With it's powerful organizational features, Videux Pro AS is an indispensable tool for organizing video libraries and is an ideal way to improve workflow from camera to finished product using NLEs like Final Cut Pro or Premiere Pro. Video Pro AS is highly optimized to make finding and playing videos fast, and can handle tens of thousands of videos without slowing down your system. As an organizer, Videux Pro AS offers ratings, pick/reject, search, compound filtering, collections, and keeps track of your imports. Keywording and metadata editing with portability to Final Cut makes keeping track of your clips throughout the workflow much easier. Videux Pro AS can track usage licenses and model releases and can keep track of videos that were originally contained in iMovie, Final Cut or Premiere Pro libraries. As a player, Videux Pro AS offers multi-speed playback, customizable thumbnails, video details, ratings, pick/reject, search, filtering, full screen and more. If you have more than a couple of videos on your Mac, Videux Pro AS can make them especially easy to access and play. Most modern video formats are supported, and more are to be added soon. Videux Pro AS is the "pro" version of Videux, the Video Organizer, and is equivalent in functionality to Videux Pro DL, the downloadable version available at Premiere Pro users are advised to purchase Videux Pro DL instead of Videux Pro AS because of sandbox limitations.