Calendar Timeline

OS X 10.6
- Do you use iCal to organize your appointments but you want to display it in the timeline form? - Would you like to know how much time is there until your next appointment? - Would you like to know how much time do you have between two appointments? There you go. Calendar Timeline is what you need! Calendar Timeline provides you with a graphic description of your appointments counting the days and hours between one event and the other. You can have straightaway a clear and whole picture of all your appointments and organize yourself accordingly. Calendar Timeline app displays iCal events and Reminders (with a date) together. Calendar Timeline is useful for everyone! If you are a student you can know how long is it to your next exam, how much time you have between one exam and the other. You can see when is it better to do an exam according to how many days you have to study it. If you work, you can know how much time you have to carry out your task or how much time you have between your tasks in order to organize your time efficiently. Do you have an appointment with your dentist? Or with your doctor? You can make the most of your time! Calendar Timeline is the best way to organize your time. You can choose which calendar to display and have an overall picture of your time and have the details of each day. You will not need to count the day and hours one by one! Calendar Timeline will do it for you in an easy and clear way! Available for Mac, iPhone, iPod and iPad. NOTE: Calendar Timeline is just a viewer, so it is not designed to replace the use of iCal.