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CropResizePhoto is a very easy to use app that performs four very important tasks independently or together... • CROP... SImply drag and crop the area you wish you can also define the format ratio • ROTATE… Adjust the tilt of your photos, correct an horizon, this is interactive and all done in one step • SLICE... Tile the selected image in a specified number of row and column subdivisions. You may also interactively by click and drag on photo define the slice size/area you wish. • RESIZE... Define the final size of your photo • OUTPUT... Decide about the final file format (JPEG, TIFF, PNG, BMP, Photoshop) and save in the folder of your choice • Those operations can be combined in one step for maximum quality and efficiency • Slice generates also automatically an html file that assemble back in a table the different slices • Resize algorithms are optimized for quality • Save your crop/slice/resize parameters so you can reapply them instantly on other photos • Incorporate into your web pages. An Html file is automatically created for you • Spit large photos, posters, charts into multiple slices and print them side by side.