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Cam2Pet – the first real Dog Monitor & Pet Camera App! Be with your pet, even you are not at home - Cam2Pet makes it possible. Developed with pets under real conditions! What makes Cam2Pet one of the best pet cam apps out there? The features like Live Video and Talk to Pet (min. 3G Connection needed) and the fact that it works cross-platform (desktop, smartphone and tablet) certainly are one of the main reasons. With Live Pet Cam Features like "Record Pet Video" and "Take Pet Photo" you may hold on unique moments and share with your friends. You will never again be without your pet and your pet will never again be without you! Set up and have fun with your pets with this pet cam wireless app. Important Note: If you have any problem or any suggestion, please contact our Support - - before you write a bad review!! We like to help you. Only this way we can develop the app and make it better!! Thank you!! How to set up and use Cam2Pet: 1. Choose your home station and activate it (it can be a desktop or tablet) 2. Activate your receiver on your mobile device that will stay with you 3. To watch your pet while you are not at home, tap “open video” • Cam2Pet – Dog Sitter & Pet Cam App Features: • NEW FEATURE: Password Reset • NEW FEATURE: Higher video quality, if the Receiver is your Mac. Please note, that you need for this a higher WebSpeed. This feature you activate or deactivate. • 8x digital Video Zoom and higher Video Resolution - max 18fps in our Gold Version. Recommend to use in 4G and WI-FI Network. • Download Picture - from now on you may download your Pictures at the Activity Report Detail View of Photo / Video to your device. • Switch Cam - use the camera switch on the Receiver to switch between front and back camera of your Homestation. • Rotate Video - rotate your Live Video Screen, if it is, because of any reason, not in the correct position. • Take Pet Photo - Create photos to capture unique moments - anytime, anywhere. Minimum requirement 3G-Network.  • Live Video Stream- Participate your pet’s life even from abroad!  • Record Pet Video - Record a video of your pet and share it with your friends!  • Talk to Pet - Talk to your pet whenever you want. Best voice and reception quality, starting from a 3G network.  • Auto Sound - Automatic response of the Homestation, if your pet feels alone and you are not able to calm it down by himself. • Record Own Sound - record your individual sound or melody to calm down your pet!! • 100MB Webspace to administrate your Snapshots and Videos, you did with the Cam2Pet app.  IMPORTANT NOTE:  Please install the application on at least two (2) Devices. Define one device as "Pet Station". This is the device that will stay near the pet.  Define the second device (the one that stays near you) as "Receiver."  IMPORTANT: The licenses are not the Software. You pay for the software. We include a 7 day trial of the FullVersion(Gold). After the trial you stay with the Basic License (lifetime) until you upgrade. Once you purchased a license, it is valid for all devices, on which the Cam2Pet App has been installed. Licenses only may be purchased at your iOS device, such as iPhone and iPad via inApp Purchase. On purchase you accept our privacy policy and our End User License Agreement: