Catering Manager

OS X 10.9.0
Catering Manager is an application designed to manage your catering business. Having different menu options to offer to your customers can sometimes be a difficult task. Catering Manager helps you with an online and customizable recipe database. Catering Manager also counts with the possibility to create a database of wines and beers online, as well as a list of the glycemic index of customizable foods. The event management calendar will help you keep track of commitments with your customers. You can also create a database of your customers, and for each customer, the menu designed to make a good impression in your event, whatever it is. It is possible to print all the recipes present in the database, as well as the customer card. A convenient function of sending emails directly from the application will allow you to send the recipe to the customer, for its final approval. Catering Manager, a small price for a large assistant.