DxO FilmPack

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DxO Film Pack lets you rediscover the magic of analog film. Give your digital photos greater emotional impact with this creative image-processing software. Rediscover the style, the colors, and the grain of more than 80 legendary analog films, faithfully reconstituted thanks to DxO's exclusive calibration process. Combine many original renderings with filter, vignetting, blur, texture, frame, or light-leak effects to give your photos a unique look. It even allows you to preserve the quality of your digital images thanks to support for RAW format, benefitting from DxO's unsurpassed powerful processing. Features More than 120 styles, 80 of which are legendary Creative styles such as frames, textures, light leaks, creative vignetting, and blur Exceptional black-and-white conversion Support for RAW, JPEG, and TIFF formats Designer presets: a touch of madness for your images