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Welcome to Chaperone, an all new task tracking app. It helps you stay focused on one task a time by associating tasks with apps. Want to write a report? Start a new Chaperone task with your favorite word processor and Chaperone will remind you to get back to work if you decide to browse the Internet instead. Also, Chaperone tracks the time you spent on individual tasks and let's you take quick five minute breaks and tracks that time as well. Features: * Create timed and indefinite tasks. * Reminds you when a task or break should end. * Assign applications to tasks and have Chaperone remind you to stay on task if you leave the applications. * Allows 5 minute breaks from your task. * Will automatically take breaks if you leave your tasks for too long. * Group tasks into projects. * View project statistics, such as total time spent on task. * View past tasks as a breakdown between working & breaks. * Export projects to CSV files for use with your billings.