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Chart Maker is a powerful graphing tool that let's you create Interactive Charts on your Mac or MacBook. This App is ideal for personal use, business, school, presentations & other areas where data visualization is Key. Features: - Render fullscreen charts for projector based presentations. - Export high resolution Charts in PDF & PNG image Formats by simply enlarging the Chart Maker window or by switching to fullscreen view before exporting. - Chart Maker Mac is fully responsive, as you resize the window, the chart automatically resizes to fit. - Available Charts: 1.Pie Chart 2.3D Pie Chart 3.Donut Pie Chart 4.Column Combo 5.Line Combo 6.Spline Combo 7.Area Chart 8.Bar Chart 9.3D Bar Chart 10.3D Column Chart 12.Stacked Bar Chart 13.Combo Chart W/Trendline - All Charts are Interactive. - Easily copy & Paste your charts in other MAC Applications including Keynote, Pages & Numbers. - Easily print your charts. - Define the look and feel of your charts by easily customizing chart colors with the inbuilt color picker - Save your charts for future use & edits - Import or Export CSV data. - Easily render different types charts with the same data without re-entering it. - Easily move your charts to iPad & iPhone Apps. * This version comes with several bug fixes and improvements.