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Simple Checkbook Register. Made for those who just want to keep track of their spending. Features: * Create Multiple Registers. * Track Deposit or Credit Account Balances. * Add a Credit Line to view Available Credit. * Copy and Paste or Drag selected transactions straight from Online Banking sites. - Please check the support page for Online Banking examples. * Drop downloaded QIF & *CSV transaction files straight onto the register. - CSV Column format should match Online Banking Samples. * Drag Columns to your liking. * Export Account Transaction Lists as a CSV File. Unlock extra features with the Upgrade in-app purchase: + Create Subaccounts to help budget funds. + Reconcile Tools: Adjustment column- Used to indicate items not listed on the current statement, Statement Balance, Adjustment total, and Difference fields to assist in reconciling bank statements. + Filter the register by Date, Check Number, Payee, Amount and/or Memo. + Transaction History View + Print Complete or Filtered Statements. + Combine the Amount Columns