Chinese Animal Words – Chinese Pet & Zoo Animals

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▶ iCat: LEARN ANIMALS IN MANDARIN (Chinese) & ENGLISH! (Bilingual app for kids 2 and up) With striking and colorful graphics and animations, this FUN interactive app is designed to delight children while they learn animal names in Mandarin (Chinese) and English! Children (and even adults) learn better and faster if they are having fun. With over 30 different interactive features and animations, this quality learning app will have you and your kids speaking Mandarin and English in no time! ▶ LEARNING SHOULD BE FUN • Fun game-like controls encourage your child to learn • Over 30 different interactive features and animations • Hear the real sounds of the animals • Easy-to-use BIG buttons ▶ BILINGUAL INTERFACE • Discover the animal names in both Mandarin (Chinese) and English • Mandarin audio clips are provided by a native Mandarin speaker • English audio clips are provided by a native English speaker (American) • Easy access to both languages ▶ KID-FRIENDLY DESIGN • This app contains No ads, No purchase options and No web links. • Kiosk Mode - Restrict your kids to one app (Keep kids from accidentally clicking on other apps and the menubar.) ▶ APP STORE LINKS • App Store - • Mac App Store - • Product Site - --------------- In Chinese --------------- ▶ 学习英语和中文普通话动物名称 (双语学习APP,适用于2岁以上的儿童) 这款有趣的互动App是专门为儿童设计的,里面有丰富多彩的图形和动画,格外引人注目,让孩子在学习英语和中文普通话动物名称的过程中获得快乐! 儿童(甚至成人)如果对学习产生乐趣,他们会学得更快、更好。这款优质的学习APP拥有超过30个不同的交互功能和动画,让您和您的孩子可以随时学习说英语和中文普通话! ▶ 边学边玩乐 • 学习就像玩趣味游戏,调动孩子的积极性 • 拥有超过30种不同的交互功能和动画 • 聆听动物真实的声音 • 大按钮设计,易于操作 • 适用于2岁以上儿童 ▶ 双语学习 • 点击屏幕,显示英语和中文普通话动物名称 • 英语音频内容是美国本地语音 • 中文音频内容都是中国本土发音 • 轻松访问两种语言 ▶ 儿童友好设计 • APP中没有广告,没有购买选项和没有网站链接。