QuickBudget – The Simple Monthly Budget Calculator

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QuickBudget - The Simple Menubar Monthly Budget Calculator, is easy home-budgeting software. QuickBudget helps keep track of your monthly finances by organizing your income and expenses. Plan your monthly and yearly budget with ease. If you are living on a budget or manually creating your own budget list, QuickBudget will help you with your monthly household budget, or business budget. Features: -Stays out of your way. -Access from all spaces. -Just a click away. -Easily manage your monthly budget. -Quickly add, edit and delete monthly income and expense data. -Track your expenses and income streams. -Export data to CSV for importing into your app of choice. -Export Income & Expense data to PDF format. -Export Yearly Budget bar chart to PDF format. -QuickBudget, automatically calculates all totals for you giving you monthly and yearly totals all within a quick glance. -The color-coded bar chart, auto-populates with data, to visually overview your finances. Good For: -Monthly Budgeting -Household Budget -Yearly Budget Planner -Business Budgeting -Financial Planning -Freelancers. -Small Business Owners. -Photographers. -Wedding Planners. -Logo Designers. -Graphic Designers. -Web Designers. -Web Developers. -Site Administrators. -SEO Consultants. -Internet Marketers.