Chord Learner

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Whether you are a beginner or expert musician, you will find this app useful as a fun tool for learning, understanding, practicing, and improving your knowledge of chords. Having quick mental ability of knowing chord names and their notes can help you take your musical talent to the next level. If you play an instrument that uses chords you can improve your skills by playing Chord Learner. This app can help any musician at any level. The makers of the popular Fretboard Addict family of apps that are now serving over 1 million musicians brings you another great app to add to your musician toolbox. Thank you for supporting our products! CHECK OUT A DEMONSTRATION VIDEO AT: Features: -Learn and practice naming a chord’s notes, given a chord name -Learn and practice naming a chord, given its notes -Learn and practice any combination of 32 chord types based on triad, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 9th, 11th, and 13th -Learn and practice chords from any combination of the 12 major keys in the circle of fifths -Simple to configure key selection by clicking any key in the circle of fifths or use the convenient select all / clear all buttons -Simple to configure chord type selections by using the preset buttons at the top of the screen to select groups of chords, or by clicking the chord types on the screen, or by using the select all / clear all buttons -Hint button that shows the key that the chord is in, chord type, chord root’s major scale, and chord formula for helping any level of musician -Progressive answer entering system that gives you color coded feedback on each step of the answer so you know whether you are correct or incorrect -Effective color coded statistics that show your progress for keys worked on and for chord types worked on (Blue=Not Worked On, Green=80%+ Correct, Yellow=60%+ Correct, Red=Below 60% Correct) -Total running average is shown on the Play tab so you know your all time average. -This app perfectly compliments the Fretboard Addict family of apps for practicing and learning notes, chords, and soloing for guitar, bass, electric guitar, and ukulele -This is a great app for piano players to practice and learn chords