Chronisar – syncing for iTunes

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Chronisar lets you synchronize your artists, albums and playlists from iTunes to your MP3 player, SD Card, USB drive or smartphone. With the clear and intuitive design it is easier than ever to fill your device with your favourite songs. Optionally convert your songs to MP3 during synchronisation. When setting up a new device an assistant leads you through the necessary steps and the whole process only takes a few seconds. If you want it to, the app starts automatically when a configured device is connected. Key features: - True syncing. - Fast and efficient. - Export M3U playlists files, adjust the playlist character encoding, path format and other settings. - Optionally convert your files to MP3 during synchronisation. - Supports MP3, AAC, ALAC and AIFF. - Decide how much of the free disc space should be filled with random songs. - Search in your music library for artists, albums or playlists. - Export album artwork. - Inspect the content of your playlists and listen to the songs without launching iTunes. If you are unsure if this app fits your needs please try "Chronisar Lite" on the Mac App Store first. If you have any other question regarding Chronisar, please visit the comprehensive "Frequently Asked Questions"(F.A.Q.) section on my website ( Supports MP3, AAC, ALAC and AIFF (if DRM-free and local), iTunes version 11.0 and later and all devices that can be connected as a volume (eg MSC mode) and are writeable in the Finder. Please report any problems/bugs to or use the support form on my website and i will improve Chronisar steadily. Please leave a REVIEW and/or RATE the app if you like it! Thanks!