Cleanbox for Gmail – unsubscribe your inbox

OS X 10.12
Too many subscriptions in your inbox? Time for some spring cleaning: 1. Open the app 2. Connect your Gmail account 3. Cancel your subscriptions one be one 4. Have more time for the important communication! Cleanbox is a simple utility for aggregating and removing e-mail subscriptions, working on top of your Gmail account. Features: - Connects to your inbox, looks at every email and picks up subscriptions - Lets you unsubscribe by finding the link in the email - Lets you archive all related communication. - You can always log out and switch to another account - Touchbar support Note on privacy: Cleanbox does not send your emails to our servers. (We don't even have servers for that matter!) Everything is done on your computer. It looks at every one of your emails, but only stores subscription emails. And it stores them on your own disk.