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This App is a DS_Store and other annoying files remover tool. CleanFolders is an utility to remove from a selected folder or an external drive those files that you don't want to see in your smartTV multimedia-browser, for example. It cleans your folders and drives from system junk. Features: - Remove .DS_Store, ._AppleDouble, Thumbs.db, .Trashes, .Spotlight, .TemporaryItems files and many other kinds of annoying files. - You can choose what type of files do you want to remove. - It works with any folder you select from internal or external drives, and network folders - Eject drive automatically after clean. - It works with any external drive (USB, Card Reader, Thunderbolt, FireWire...). - Compatible with APFS (macOS High Sierra). - It's simple and fast. Keep clean your folders! * Special thanks to Ángela García Jiménez for helping design creation. * If you like it, please, rate it; and if you find any issue, please, contact us.