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The easy yet powerful web image collector for the Mac. Cliche enables you to quickly and easily collect web images with powerful handy tools. Just browse the web with Cliche. All web images are already ready for you. Demo Video: [Key features] 1. Collect web images - With Cliche, you don't need to manually download web images you want. Just browse the web. All web images are automatically saved in the corresponding web folder. 2. Organize web images with folders - Classify the collected web images into folders: 1) web folder, 2) normal folder, 3) smart folder, 4) favorite directory, 5) screenshot folder, and more. 3. Powerful drag & drop support - Drag the collected web images in any folder, or the folder itself to anywhere. All images in Cliche are draggable. 4. Edit web images with third-party apps - Just select the collected images you want to edit and open them with third-party apps using a single-click or a shortcut. 5. Share web images - Sharing web images is never been easier. Just drag the collected images in any folder and share them to Twitter, Facebook, Photos, AirDrop, Mail, and more. 6. Take a screenshot - Take a screenshot of any webpage with just a single click. All screenshots are automatically copied to the screenshot folder. 7. Search for images with Google image search - Search for detailed image information, images with different sizes, and more. For more information, visit our official webpage: