Word Shuffle

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Do you like playing with words? Do you like a good challenge? Word Shuffle is a word game where you must un-scramble all of the letters to make the correct word. More points are earned by not using hints and correctly solving the shuffle, so put your mind and word skills to work! There are multiple categories and hundreds of words to solve, so what are you waiting for? Play Word Shuffle now and start solving! Features: ♦ Never see the same word twice in one game session ♦ Allows up to 3 incorrect answers ♦ 6 unique categories to choose from ♦ In-game Hints ♦ Option to skip shuffles and pick them up at the end again ♦ In-game word count and timer ♦ Game Center leaderboards *** Like Word Shuffle on Facebook! http://www.facebook.com/WordShuffle ***