Client List – The Simple Daily Todo List, Task & Contacts Manager

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Client List - The Simple Daily Todo List, Task & Contacts Manager, will help you organize all of your client contacts and daily tasks assigned to them. This task management app is designed to help you separate your day-to-day workload, with it's client centered approach. Quickly add tasks, add contacts, tag favorites, make a to do list, or trash and delete items. Manage your telephone numbers & email contacts, or use it as a phone book, or address book. This simple task manager is different than all the other to do list software, by also acting as a simple crm to help search contacts and manage customers. Features: -Organize Client Contacts. -Manage Contacts. -Manage Tasks and Todo lists. -Quickly Assign tasks to clients. -Tag tasks by priority and importance. -Quickly add Clients and tasks. -Easily manage multiple clients and projects. -Keep track of today's work, past due and upcoming tasks. Good For: -Freelancers. -Small Business Owners. -Photographers. -Wedding Planners. -Logo Designers. -Graphic Designers. -Web Designers. -Web Developers. -Site Administrators. -SEO Consultants. -Internet Marketers. -Wordpress, Drupal, and Joomla Developers.