Clippy – Install apps & Transmit anything between iOS and Mac wirelessly

OS X 10.8
Do your Apple devices sing songs differently? With no tuning? No synchronization? Clippy tames them all to be on a single board! Yes, they all can be synchronized without any hassle. Has data sharing between your Apple devices and MAC been a trouble for you? Not anymore. With ‘Clippy’, it is easier than ever before. You can simply use this app to share anything from your little Apple devices to the giant ones –MACs and vice versa. Clippy is an app that enables you copy and share text, pictures, and other data between iOS and OS X. You don’t need to go through lengthy process to perform this task. It is a matter of a few taps! All you require is a local Wi-Fi network and Clippy will do the rest best! Synchronize, share on social media or simply keep two copies, Clippy is an all-in-one solution to make your Apples on the same board! Download iOS App from: Experience the jaw-dropping features of Clippy: - Faster data import: Import just anything in a quickest possible way- text, image, audio, video, PDF files, etc. from your iPhone/Pad to MAC and vice versa - Quick transfer: Just establish a secure connection using a passcode, and your Apple devices are ready to transfer data with each other. You want to add more Apple devices; no problem! You can add as many devices as you want - Copy-paste: Copy-pasting is not a big deal when you connect Apple devices through Clippy. You can simply copy and paste any text or image from iPhone to MAC and vice versa - Manage and search data: Clippy has a file history in the clipboard, which enables you to search, navigate and transfer data from the clipboard as and when you want - Edit and share data: Clippy enables you to edit and preview text or images. Just edit it as you wish and share it with your pals on Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp (not on MAC), etc. - Just a ‘right’ right click! File (image, audio, video, PDF) transfer is just a right click away, you heard it right! By right clicking a file on MAC, you can readily transfer it to a connected device.