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Keep track of time easily with ClockSome. ClockSome app allows you to keep beautiful live clocks on your Mac's desktop. Stay decorated with some of the magnificent analog watches provided by ClockSome. The app offers 20 beautiful designs to choose from. Enhance your Desktop appearance by keeping stunning clocks. Each and every clock is uniquely designed and handpicked by professionals. App Features: - Move and keep clocks anywhere on your Desktop. - Adjust clock size from App preference. - Option to keep clocks always on top of other program windows. - Choose from 20 professionally designed unique clocks. - Hide second hand from the clocks to make it super light. - Clocks are shown on ALL desktops - ClockSome requires very low system resources. We would love your feedback and comments about ClockSome. Let us know how did you like ClockSome and what changes you want to see in the upcoming updates. We would appreciate it very much.