Code School for Xcode Free -Learn How to Make Apps

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** FREE IOS APP DEVELOPMENT COURSE ** Learn Xcode and How to Make Apps for iPhone and iPad Using Swift ** Includes Step-by-Step Video Tutorials, Sample Codes, and Important Reference Information The Code School for Xcode app includes video tutorials that teach you how to start building your first iPhone/iPad app using Xcode and Swift programming from start to finish! All the video tutorials are made for beginners; they demonstrate how to build different kinds of apps and utilize different user interface elements. Our native English teacher will also explain the code examples in detail. All the examples are guaranteed to be simple to follow and easy to learn! If you want to become an individual developer and submit your own apps to the iOS App Store, download this course today!! Unique Features Provided: * Video Tutorials - They are made in Full HD resolution and feature native English speakers. These step-by-step tutorials are 5-15 minutes on average, and you can view them in full screen and offline. They support the latest version of Xcode and iOS. The video will automatically resume the playback position from the stopping time of your last session. * Sample Codes - All the codes you learned during the tutorials are downloadable, so you can practice them yourself. * Bookmarks - This section contains all the references and useful information for each tutorial you may be interested in. * Notes - You may need to jot down notes when learning. This section will store your notes for each tutorial respectively. Thank you!