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Working with multiple Xcode projects can be frustrating. The Open Recent menu shows all file types and in time order, making it difficult to find the project you want. Project file names on disk are not always human-friendly or can't be found quickly with Spotlight. XcLauncher is a menu bar app that provides instant access to your favorite projects. Features: ・Create bookmarks for your Xcode projects, workspaces and playgrounds. ・Customise the name, order and grouping of bookmarks. ・View Xcode's recent files, showing only files matching your bookmarks. ・Hold the Option key to view Xcode's recent files alphabetically. ・Launch Xcode. If multiple versions are installed, choose which one. ・Option to automatically start at login. For more information see https://hacknicity.com/xclauncher or contact me at support@hacknicity.com