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CodePiece is a communication tool which is able to upload a code piece to Gists and share the link by Twitter. You can share a code piece and the description easily using the CodePiece app. A code piece which you write will post to Gists on GitHub, and the code's description will post to Twitter with the link of Gists and the screenshot. Hashtag also be added if necessary. If you write no codes, it will be a simple text tweet without a Gist code and the screenshot. # How to setting To use the CodePiece app, you need a Twitter account and a GitHub account. * You register your twitter account to OS X by "Internet Accounts" preferences pane in System Preferences. * Open the CodePiece app, then open the app's preferences. * Do authorization using GitHub account on 'GitHub' tab page on the preferences window. * Select your twitter account registered in OS X on 'Twitter' tab page on the preferences window. # How to post * Write a code to 'Code' area (If needed) * Write the description to 'Tweet & Description' area. * Push 'Post Gist' button (or 'Tweet' button if you write no codes)