Coffee Buzz—Safely Prevent Sleep

OS X 10.10
Special Offer: FREE for a limited time! Coffee Buzz is the easiest and safest display-sleep preventer available, with simple operation and exclusive Safety Auto-Shutoff feature. Keeping your Mac awake (and letting it sleep again) is as simple as a click! Features include: • Flexible user interface that works as both a window and as a menu bar status item (or both at once) • Three easy-to-use settings: ◦ Buzz mode: Keeps the display awake ◦ Doze mode: Lets the display sleep but keeps the computer itself awake ◦ Off: Allows you to disable the caffeinated effect without having to quit Coffee Buzz • Timer that can be controlled from both the window and the status bar • Configurable automatic mode switching when the power adapter on a portable Mac is connected or disconnected or the battery gets low • Exclusive Safety Auto-Shutoff feature designed to reduce the chance of accidental display damage or burn-in. While not intended to be a substitute for responsibility and careful use, Safety Auto-Shutoff can keep a mistake from turning into an expensive headache. Note: This app cannot prevent your Mac from sleeping if you use the Sleep menu command or close the screen on a portable Mac. This used to be possible in the past, but macOS no longer allows apps to block the user's direct commands to enter sleep. Comments, questions, and feedback are always welcome. Please visit Coffee Buzz Support for more information.