Color Palette from Image

OS X 10.9
This application allows you to create a color palette from the image. Just drag and drop the image on the window, and save the palette in the Color Panel. You can to save the color palette to a file and use it on another Mac too. ○ Generates a color palette from images. ○ Adjustment of numbers of colors. ○ Gamma correction. ○ Target image area selection. ○ Based on the quantization algorithm. ○ Saving for use in Color Panel. ○ Exporting palettes to file for use on another Mac/PC. ○ Printing palettes. ○ Exporting palettes to image files. ○ Exporting palettes to PDF and HTML documents. ○ Support "Adobe Swatch Exchange" (.ase) and "Adobe Color Swatch" (.aco) format for export palettes to Photoshop.