Color Spatioplotter

OS X 10.11
This app plots the colors in an image into the 3D color space! A visualization of the RGB color space provides interesting insight about the color distribution of the picture. You can chose several different color coordinates. You can generate histograms. Also can generate a list of color by color quantization of the entire color into a few prominent colors. It supports following color coordinate: - RGB Cartesian coordinate - RGB rotated Cartesian coordinate - RGB Cylinder coordinate - HSV Cartesian coordinate - HSV Cylinder coordinate - HLS Cylinder coordinate - YCC Cartesian coordinate - L*a*b* Cartesian coordinate - CIE xyY - CIE XYZ Cartesian coordinate Also support: - Exif metatags - CIExy/CIEuv 2D views. Support Color spaces for XYZ conversion: sRGB, Adobe RGB (1998), ProPhoto RGB, Apple RGB, ColorMatch RGB, Wide Gamut RGB, DCI-P3,ACES 2065-1, ACEScg