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ColorChecker allows you to measure the printed sRGB strip that is generated by pdq and verify that it has correct colors, meaning that the average deltaE is not above 5 and the maximum deltaE is not above 10. If the measured 24 colors are within specifications, a "Pass" will show. The Average dE and Maximum dE are both displayed after a measurement. The table shows the individual colors and dE's from the reference color. Please note that ColorChecker does require an X-Rite i1 Pro spectrophotometer connected to your Mac's USB port, so if you do not have an i1 Pro or Pro 2, this App will do absolutely nothing for you. ColorChecker allows you to generate the colorchecker strip so you can print it from any printing application to verify the correct color behavior. Since a test chart containing the ColorChecker strip is already embedded into pdq, printing one from pdq is easiest. Please note that not all printer-ink-media combination can get a "Pass" result; the color gamut of many matte papers simply is too small. You can use the strip in other colorspaces, provided you correctly convert from sRGB to the colorspace you want to print your files in, but note that all ColorChecker colors are well within sRGB range.