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By Starting a new Game this App creates a searched Combination of different colored Cones. The possible Combinations a different in every Level and will be more and more complex in every Level. If the Player has entered the current Level,he can get the next (higher-or not) Level.(Level 0 - 9 ) The Rules for every Level are available every Time by pressing the Rules-Button. The Player sets the Cones (ever) at one current Line. Only if the Line is full, the Player can get the next Line. A "Turning - Back" to the earlier Line is just not possible anymore. The Cones at the Podium shows if the Cone is right or wrong. The Target of the Game is, to get all the Podium-Cones in white - instead of black Color, before the Lines are over. If the Player has got the right Combination ,before the Lines are over, he is the Winner and can play this Game in a higher Level. We have no "in App Purchase " and no other Interrupts. You can play this Game - without Advertising - in "Offline-Mode"