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Small App - great impact. Get SpeedTask universal-app for your iPhone and iPad now! ★★★ CLOUD-SYNCHRONIZATION of your tasks is included FREE ★★★ ★ "Fast with SpeedTask" ★ - Mac Life ★ "Enter SpeedTask, the iPhone-turned-Mac to-do list app that promises clever, easy-to-use features and powerful cloud sync." ★ - Mac App Storm ★ "New und Noteworthy" & "What's Hot" ★ - Apple SpeedTask is a smart To-Do App to manage your everyday tasks. It comes with a beautiful interface that is easy to use and lets you handle your daily tasks in seconds. SpeedTask also includes ★FREE SpeedTask Cloud★ access that lets you SYNC all your tasks across multiple devices. With your custom Feed-URL it is also possible to see your To-Do's with iCal on your Mac. The result is a simple, fast and powerful App that helps you manage everyday life with style. ✔ FAST: SpeedTask Mac is extremely easy to use and you can create and manage tasks within seconds – all in one window. You don't have to move around panels or navigate through countless options. SpeedTask saves you valuable time. ✔ CLEVER: No gimmicks – SpeedTask Mac is user-friendly and gets out of the way. The smart interface lets you create tasks on the fly, reminds you of something urgent and moves your tasks automatically if necessary. No more forgotten tasks because they disappeared in some folder. SpeedTask has a lot of clever functions to improve your workflow. ✔ CLOUD-SYNC: Are you tired of having to use a bunch of different Apps on different devices and entering your tasks again and again? So are we! - SpeedTask automatically synchronizes your task-list. All you need is a moment to create a free account and you can start managing your tasks anywhere: On the go with the SpeedTask App on your iPhone / iPod touch or iPad* - at home or in the office with SpeedTask Mac or with our web-portal using any PC or Mac. ✔ FEATURES: - 60 seconds introduction to get started immediately - fast and intuitive interface - right-click on the menubar icon for entering a task quickly - drag & drop text on the icon to create a new task - short-options for extra fast task management - set alerts to remind you on time - even on your iPhone / iPod touch or iPad* - free SpeedTask Cloud account to sync all your tasks - text autocomplete for reccuring tasks - differentiates three levels of priority - app badges for a quick overview - straightforward entering and managing of tasks in one window - delegate tasks to colleagues and friends - see your tasks in iCal by subscribing to your custom feed URL - free SpeedTask Cloud web-app at www.speedta.sk - auto-start option for immediate launch at login - choose the typeface and alarm-sound you prefer You need help or have suggestions according SpeedTask Mac? - We would like to hear from you! Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/LiquefyStudios Twitter: http://twitter.com/LiquefyStudios Email: support@liquefy-studios.com *** Synchronization and working with SpeedTask Cloud require an internet connection and/or webbrowser | *SpeedTask for iPhone sold separately in the App Store ***