Conquian 333

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Conquian 333 has a beautiful, clean design. It looks gorgeous on the iPad and iPhone and NOW on your MAC. No Ads, no In-App purchases. If you know Rummy, well, this game is the ancestor. The main difference is the Conquian's simple rule is: "Use it or lose it" Learn to play Conquian 333 in 5 minutes. See the help button (?) "How to Play Conquian" is full of animations that makes it easy to learn. * 1 Player Mode : play Conquian vs the Computer. The App has all the rules of Conquian classic dealt 8, win with 9. App will keep player "playing" within the rules it only allows legal card movements during the game. Login to GameCenter to save your wins losses and ties. My father used to play with us when we were kids, now I play with my family and they love the game too. More information: Developed by Alex Garcia - Conquian 333 only for iOS and OSX-