Content Generator

OS X 10.12
With Content Generator you can quickly generate lots of content for your website. You only have to create one template with synonyms for words or whole sentences. Then Content Generator will randomly choose one of the synonyms to create a unique text per article. - Thesaurus (english and german) - Syntax highlighting - Variable support (import from CSV) - Statistics (Keyword density, uniqueness of articles, ...) - Publish to Wordpress (XMLRPC) Content Generator has an integrated Thesaurus with more than 200.000 synonyms in english and 150.000 synonyms in german. You can quickly choose appropriate synonyms in the GUI and don’t have to type them. Also Content Generator will learn over time and gets better and better. You can also use variables for example to generate one text for each city. The texts will be unique only the variables will be the same for each article. With Content Generator you will never have a problem with duplicate content again. It is easy to save articles into one or multiple files or publish them directly on your Wordpress blog. You can also check the statistics of your content to see how unique each article will be and how often you used a keyword. This is important to get a feeling of the quality of your articles.