cookie cutter LE

OS X 10.7
A cookie cutter, as everyone knows, is a piece of metal or plastic, bent into an easily recognizable shape (heart, moon, angel, flower etc.). The shape is pressed into fresh cookie dough in order to quickly cut out a perfectly formed cookie. The cut out dough is then transferred to the oven and baked into a cute cookie. NOTE: this limited edition of cookie cutter is FREE FOR YOUR EVERY DAY USE and has the same features as the full version except hi-resolution export. Enabling hi-resolution export requires an in-app purchase. In 'cookie cutter' you quickly cut out shapes from any photo. All you need to do is to select the shape, place it on your photo, and – boom – you have the perfect cut out. cookie cutter features - more than 50 cute shapes to choose from - shapes can be widened, heightened, and shrunk to your heart's desire - quickly export your cut-out to many formats, email, social web sites, clipboard, iPhoto, Aperture, ... - choose any background color - including transparent - quick, intuitive interface - more fun than you can shake a batter at