Core Training for FCP 10.4

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Core Training for Final Cut Pro 10.4 teaches you how to edit movies using Apple’s flagship professional video editing application. With Core Training for Final Cut Pro 10.4, you'll learn how to: • Navigate the interface • Use Libraries and Events to organize your work • Import media from cameras and drives • Browse, rate, and add keywords to clips • Edit clips into a project • Reorder, replace, remove, and trim clips in project • Work with photographs, sound effects, and music • Color correct video • Enhance and improve the soundtrack • Edit and enhance 360° Videos • Share your movies and much more! Learn at your own pace • 39 lessons covering a wide spectrum of workflows • Chapter markers are included for jumping to specific topics • Lessons are short - about 10 minutes each • Watch them continuously or just a few at a time Have fun learning • Lessons are delivered in a relaxed style by a professional editor • Follow along as you creates a fun, engaging movie from scratch • Easily switch between the App and Final Cut Pro X to practice what you learn Core Training for Final Cut Pro 10.4 will help you to: • Focus on telling your story rather than figuring out software • Learn concepts you can immediately apply to your own videos • Use music and sound effects to create emotional impact Make better movies and have fun making them with Core Training for Final Cut Pro 10.4.