Count Crunch’s Candy Curse

OS X 10.7
*What people are saying:* "Halloween Never Tasted So Good" - Indie Game Magazine "The overall feel of the game reminds me somewhat of a Tim Burton film" -Beta Tester Count Crunch's Candy Curse, a "bite sized casual-core platformer" where you play as "Skeleton Boy" on Halloween night in a spooky, power-up filled, side-scrolling adventure! After opening a box of Count Crunch's Haunted Halloween cereal to obtain the free Halloween Playset, little did Skeleton Boy know that he just unleashed the Candy Curse! Count Crunch unleashes candy-filled monsters upon the town, sure to ruin Halloween and eventually take over the world! Skeleton Boy must fight his way through four visually stunning landscapes on Halloween night; along the way collecting stickers, and unlocking special abilities to help stop Count Crunch once and for all!